“Finally! A Scientifically PROVEN
Way To Make Any Woman Obsessed With
You In 49 Minutes Or Less...”

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Hey Mate,

Rich here...

And on this page I’m going to reveal the strange little secret literally guaranteed to deliver you a smoking hot girlfriend in 49 minutes or less.

Yeah, I know. It sounds like science-fiction... but as I’ll unquestionably prove to you, the breakthrough I’m talking about is very real.

You really CAN have the woman of your dreams—your personal “perfect 10”— brought into your arms+... into your bed... into your life... in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered.

And no matter how skeptical you may be right now... no matter how many years you’ve been alone... no matter how many methods have failed you in the past...

As soon as you watch this video and follow my simple instructions, like over 227,000 ecstatic guys around the world already have...

You’ll have 100% certainty this is the solution you’ve been
secretly praying for... your entire life!

Because the very first time you put this simple secret into action and let real science work for you...

You instantly transform from “sexually invisible...” to “her one and only.”

Suddenly, even the hottest women you encounter feel an uncontrollable drive to be with you... no matter what it takes.

Every day, I hear from dozens of regular guys just like you... who’ve used this secret to instantly turn unattainable hotties—who normally wouldn’t give them the time of day— into their loving, loyal girlfriends.

Men like Greg, who wrote to me after discovering this secret...

Hey Rich, I’ve been meaning to write for a while. So if you remember, I was pretty desperate when we spoke but promised to take your advice and use it. Well it’s been 11 months since then I’m very happy to say that my life has done a 180. I have a beautiful girlfriend and we are talking about getting married and having kids!! I’ve never been happier to be honest. Anyway, what did the trick was your girlfriend material. I’ve never really been able to hang on to girls before but this one is totally in to me and tells me all the time how much she loves me. Mate, I just really want you to know how grateful I am! Greg

And Carles who had this to say...

This (Girlfriend Guaranteed) shit is gold! I don’t know if you remember how I told you about that friend who I wanted to be with? Well we are together now and I’m planning to pop the question! At the risk of sounding girly, I’ve never had a connection this deep or such strong emotions with someone. We are just so close and so in love. Hope that didn’t make you puke!! Haha but it’s the truth. Anyway, I’m happily settled down now so just wanted to give you that feedback and you should get this stuff out to a wider audience because it’s gonna make a lot of men out there happy. Charles

And Raymond who said...

Hi Rich. You asked me how I’ve been getting on with the Girlfriend Guaranteed material. Well where to start? I was in a dark place. I felt way too old. I was sure no one wanted an old man who had a kid. I wasn’t suicidal but very depressed and felt like a giant loser. It’s not like I went from that to superstar over night, but I started seeing things happen pretty quickly. The biggest mistake in my life was choosing the wrong woman to marry. If I had seen your videos about choosing the right lady, then I would have known better. When I re-jigged my brain to look for the right kind of girls for me, someone I’d be happy with, I must have attracted her into my life or something because I met Karina. She is 14 years younger than me, so beautiful, and so sweet and kind. We are perfectly happy together. I’m still taking it slow because of my previous experience, but I’m almost sure she is the one. Thank you mate, I owe you are drink or two next time you are in London! Raymond

In just a moment, I’m going to share the exact technique each of these guys used to land their perfect 10 girlfriends... so you can enjoy the same “straight out of a dream” love lives they now live each day.

But hold on.

Before we go any further, there’s something I need to be 100% clear about.

Because this secret is rooted in real science... and proven to deliver shocking success with women beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before...

You may expect it to be complicated... or even difficult for the average guy to pull off...

But that couldn’t be ANY further than the truth.

It NEVER Requires You To Do Anything Weird Or Creepy.

  • No cringeworthy pick-up lines...
  • No cheesy magic tricks...
  • No scripted, robotic-sounding routines.

In fact, when you use this proven method...

The girl you use it on—nor anyone else watching— will have ANY idea you’re doing... well, anything, to make her want you...

Because your results come from asking a series of 3 incredibly simple, quick, and easy types of questions.

These seemingly-innocent questions slip right under every woman’s radar...

Yet the immediate reactions they spark are anything BUT innocent.

As she answers the first question, she begins to feel more and more comfortable with you.

Her defenses drop... and she suddenly likes being around you.. because it “just feels good.”

As she answers the second question, she starts to become attracted to you...

She feels the sudden urge to touch you... as she begins to physically crave you... and imagines herself being with you... for the night.

But the most amazing reaction happens after she answers the third and final question.

Because as soon as she does, it triggers a very powerful autopilot response in the romance center of her subconscious.

She’s consumed by an unstoppable desire to date you... to commit to you... to even, dare I say, fall in LOVE with you.

Now... She Imagines Being With You... For LIFE!

She becomes obsessed with you... and even the thought of losing you is enough to drive her crazy...

So she’s compelled to do WHATEVER it takes to keep you around, happy, and fulfilled... in every way possible.

Would you like to possess the power to trigger that response in ANY woman you want to be with?

I’ll show you how.

All you gotta do is read this special page all the way to the end, right now.

Because It Won’t Be Online
Or FREE For Very Long...

Now... before I share the exact technique with you, I want to ask you to do a quick thought experiment.

And yes... it’s important that you REALLY do this.

There’s a method to the madness... and by practicing this technique right now, it will help you internalize the skills guaranteed to deliver you the woman of your dreams.

So even if you find it a bit silly... just humor me, okay? I promise... you’ll be happy you did.

Because after teaching this to literally 1000s of men, I know that those who actually followed through on this exercise achieved the most mind-blowing results in the shortest amount of time possible.


I want you to imagine yourself one month into the future.

Except instead of being single and alone, like you are right now...

You’ve got an amazing woman in your life.

Maybe it’s a girl you already like... or maybe it’s one you meet in the next week or two.

Really think about this.

She’s way hotter than any girl you could ever imagined you’d end up with... and the two of you click perfectly.

She laughs at all of your jokes... and takes care of all of your “needs.”

You’re happier than you’ve ever been... genuinely fulfilled... and you can’t WAIT to show her off to your friends and family...

And if you’re being totally honest with yourself - to all those people you secretly hate - so they can see how well you’ve done for yourself.


Really think about what she looks like...

What color hair does she have?

How is her body shaped?

How does she dress?

How does she hold herself?

What does her voice sound like?

What does she smell like?

Really imagine this all now.

Got this all in your mind?


Now start to get excited about even
the mere possibility that this can – and
will happen for you.

Because when I share the technique with you, I want you to visualize yourself using it on THIS girl.

By doing this, you’ll hardwire the technique right into your subconscious, so you can use it faster... and with more ease.

How did you find that exercise – pretty exciting right?

Maybe you struggled a little to get the image really clear in your head.

If that’s the case – well, I don’t blame you.

I know that back before I discovered this secret it was hard to imagine pretty much any woman wanting to be with me.

My name is Richard La Ruina.

And this is me just a few short years ago.

My guess is... I was a lot like you in many ways.

Nervous around women...

Frustrated with how hard they were to understand... with how little they seemed to like me...

And secretly terrified that I would always be alone.

In this picture you see here I’m 20 years old.

I’m living in my mother’s house... and not really doing much “living” at all.

I was a pathetic virgin, who literally stumbled into just one kiss...

In my entire LIFE.

My friends would keep telling me about how much they were enjoying college, how they were hooking up with all these sexy sorority girls...

And I had to act like I was having the time of my life, too.

But I Had A Dark Secret...

I’d already dropped out of college just a few months earlier.

In fact, I remember the day I dropped out very clearly.

Valentine’s Day.

I’m sitting in my literature class and when I take out my binder I notice there’s an envelope sitting in the front pocket.

“Dear Richard...”

My hands are shaking as I open it up... It says...

“I’ve wanted to tell you this from the first day I saw you in class, I have a huge crush on you. I think about you every night. I’m in love with you... and I’m finally ready to say it...

Your Secret Admirer”

So the second the professor let us out, I clutch the letter like it was a winning lottery ticket… and sprint back to the dorms to show my roommate Joe.

Joe was a forensic science major who wanted to become a detective. So I knew between the two of us, we could figure out who sent the letter.

Only problem was...

I never even made it out of the classroom.

Because as soon as I spring out of my seat, someone grabbed for the Valentine.

It was this jerk off football player, Sam, who was always messing with me.

“Whatcha got there?” Sam asks mockingly.

I ignore him.

I had more important things to worry about than this idiot, so I put my head down and keep walking...

...right into his juicebag buddy, Ed, who joins in on the fun.

“Yeah Richard, what you got?”

A crowd starts to form.

I yell at them to “buzz off” in slightly less polite words and keep it moving, but they get louder and louder.

“Aww, look how happy Richard is that a girl likes him...”


I’m in freakin’ COLLEGE and this stuff is STILL happening.

You know what?

It was time to take a freakin’ stand.

I’d been bullied all of grade school and never did anything about it.

But now… I was a man. And I refused to let some jerks embarrass me… Especially since my “Valentine” was probably still in the classroom watching.

So I look at Sam… look at Ed… and say…

“Look, it’s a Valentine, man. Just back off. Some girl likes me and you’re just going to have to deal with that.”

And just like that they break into laughter.

“You freakin’ IDIOT…

How clueless can you be?


More and more of the athletes start to gather around us… all laughing their asses off.

Hell… the entire class was laughing… at me.

I was more than embarrassed…


This was the last straw in a life full of humiliation… and something in me snapped.

Blinded by rage, I swing at Eddy.

Now… as much I’d love to tell you I knocked him out cold…

The truth is, I have no idea what happened.

Because the next thing I remember… is waking up in the emergency room with bruises all over my body, broken ribs, and some pretty gnarly looking bumps on my forehead.

Turns out, throwing a half-ass punch at the star athlete isn’t the smartest move…

Especially when he’s surrounded by his buddies.

These guys kicked the SHIT out of me.

And just as soon as I was able to leave the hospital, my mother pulled me out of school and back home , where I’d grown up.

Just like that, the girl was gone…

My dignity was gone…

And so was my hope.

The only thing I had working for me… was the fact that I had entirely too much time on my hands.

And I was PISSED off. More motivated than ever.

So as I lay in the hospital bed a broken, beaten man…

I made a promise to myself.

No… this was more than a promise. It was an oath.

I was either going to man up… and figure out how to make women want me…

Or I Would Literally
Die Trying...

The next 6 months saw me searching for answers like my life depended on it.

Because in my mind… it did. If I couldn’t get this area of my life handled, I didn’t even see the point in living.

I spent HUNDREDS OF HOURS at home on the Internet digging through forums and e-books about how to pick up chicks.

I spent HUNDREDS MORE HOURS at the library plowing through material on self improvement, success, psychology, and women.

I consumed everything I could get my hands on.

Most of it seemed like BS…

But I kept going. I knew there had to be some gold buried amongst all the garbage.

Finally, after a twelve hour day of devouring psychology journals, I found it…

The Answer I Had Been Looking For...

It was a study done nearly 10 years earlier…

And although it got almost ZERO press at the time…

It was about to change my life (and now YOURS).

Here’s what I discovered:

A prominent researcher and renegade psychologist named Arthur Aaron had set out to find if he could literally make ANY two people fall in love.

After years of intense study he had a theory – a hypothesis – for how love, dating, and attraction worked – that I’ll share with you in just a moment.

So to test his theory, he brought a random guy and a random woman into a lab.

They were total strangers. Had never even seen other before… but that wasn’t about to matter.

He had each person take turns asking and answering a series of three very specific types of questions.

They had 45 minutes to complete the questions…

Progressing from relaxed ones like “Would you like to be famous?”

To more intimate ones such as…

“What, if anything is too serious to be joked about?”

Afterwards, they stared into one another’s eyes for 4 minutes.

Then the experiment was over.

And they left the lab….


In love.

Six Months Later... They
Were Married.

Yes, this REALLY DID happen.

It’s all documented and if you want, you can head to your local library and check the study out. But the real question is:

HOW did this happen?

How did two randomly selected strangers fall in love within 45 minutes?

Well… what this decorated psychologist figured out was that human beings don’t fall in love based on “attractiveness” in the traditional sense…

They fall in love through a mechanism called Mutual Self Disclosure.

Basically, revealing more and more personal stuff about themselves – and learning more and more about the other person.

Through this process – which in most cases – goes on for months and happens randomly – people begin to form an incredible life-changing bond.

They literally begin to view the other person as an extension of themselves and vice versa.

And with that… comes the flood of hormones and all the chemical reactions…

Which we call “being in love.”

But while poets and romantic types tend to refer to love as one of the great mysteries of the universe…

What scientist Arthur Aaron figured out…

Which changed my life – and will change your life forever…

Is that these feelings of “LOVE” can be created deliberately…and quickly… with ANYONE.

Put simply…

LOVE Is A Process…
That Is Repeatable, Predictable,
And 100% Controllable!

Do you understand the importance of what I just said?

Can you imagine how quickly everything is going to change for you… once you know how to let this shocking discovery work for you?

I’m talking about the power to literally make any woman – not just give you a peck on the lips or something – but actually fall in LOVE with you – on command…

And I’m going to unlock that power for you… today.

But it’s not as easy as just reading Arthur Aaron’s study and copying his questions.

Trust me, I tried that…

And I failed MISERABLY!

Immediately after I discovered the study, I B-lined home and began memorizing the questions. After hours of rote memorization, I knew them backwards.

So I hit the streets.

Armed with my new secret weapon, I walk up to a cute brunette on the street and utter these fateful words..

“Excuse me. May I ask you a question?”

I launch into the first question, with full confidence.

And actually get an answer…. and a smile.

It was one of the first glimpses of victory I’d ever experienced…

And It Felt Great…

But… uhh… what now?

I just stand there, clueless. And after amount a minute of awkward silence, she politely excuses herself.

You see, the problem was…

I didn’t know how to lead her to ask me the same question.

I didn’t know how to get her to invest in the interaction… to invest in me, which was the crucial part of Arthur Aaron’s study.

So I headed home and went back to the drawing board.

Over the next week, I racked my brain for answers…

Eventually, I came up with five different ways I could get her to ask me the questions back.

Then… it was back out to the streets asking random women… well, random questions.

Four of my new approaches crashed and burned…

But One Of Them Actually

But I quickly found out there was yet another problem…

After a few questions… things got really weird.

You see, there was no CONTEXT for WHY I was asking all these questions.

And these women had places to be.

But you know what?

For the first time in my life I was making some actual progress with women so I kept at it.

Slowly but surely – day after day – week after week – I began extending my interactions longer and longer… figuring out ways to get the women to stick around – answer my questions – and even ask them back to me…

They were becoming emotionally invested in me.

Then... One Day... It Happened…

I had finally gotten through all three of the specific
type of questions... when this girl looks right into my eyes and says:

“I don’t know what it is about you…
but this just... feels right.”

And Just Like That…
I Had My First Girlfriend!

She fell for me on the spot. And to be honest, after we’d gone through the accelerated intimacy sequence, I felt like I’d known her my whole life.


We went home that night and for literally the first time in that life…

I did the no pants dance.

We dated for the next 3 months and for the first time ever, I finally got to experience just how incredible it was to be with a woman.

There was only one problem…

I wanted more.

You see – even though I came from a place of complete lack – I had HIGH standards.

And as nice as she was…

Well… I wanted more. Let’s just put it that way.

Maybe you can relate to this?

I mean sure, it was great having a girlfriend – and I was super relieved to not be trapped in virgin hell anymore – but for some reason deep down I just wanted a woman who was TRULY beautiful… like… stunningly beautiful.

So I broke it off.

Now it was time to be single again. But in a whole new way.

I dusted off my seduction journal and notepad and began making tweaks.

Things had gotten a little out of hand with the first girl who the sequence worked on, and she immediately fell in love with me.

This time, I wanted to take things a little slower… enjoy the ride a bit more.

So I came up with the idea of spacing things out…

Only running the first 2 types of questions on the first encounter… so I can get her to like me… and want to sleep with me on the spot…

Then… AFTER I got to know her a bit and decided she was right for me, I’d bring in the big guns…

The final question… and the super-important “soul gaze” that creates feelings of love out of thin air.

With my new battle plan in hand, I moved out of my mother’s house in Cambridge and got an apartment in central London, where I had access to a plethora of higher quality hotties.

It Was Time To Have My Fun...

I started off slow. I’ll be honest. I was a little rusty.

But after about a week of meeting stunners and playing my little “question” game with them…

I really hit my stride.

In My First Month Of Being Single, I Managed To... Sleep With 11 Women!

Which, as you can imagine, was pretty freakin’ cool considering I’d only slept with one woman in the previous 23 years.

The next month, that number nearly doubled – with 20 women entering and leaving my bedroom the next morning.

With each successive seduction, my methods became sharper and more effective.

I was constantly refining the techniques… discarding what didn’t work, while perfecting the parts that were generating the strongest responses.

The result was that after about 6 months, I was deadly with women.

Like… “don’t bring me around your girlfriend” deadly.

Here are a few pictures I took during this time in my life…


I was truly living the sex life of a freakin’ king...

And it didn’t take long before people started to notice.

Media outlets began contacting me – I was in the papers – I was getting guest interview spots on TV and just like that I became known as a “Seduction Guru.”

A guy who apparently could steal women from rock stars and stuff:


The requests for me to teach came flooding in and I spent the next five years traveling the world leading sold out $3,000 per head seminars sharing the method I’d developed.

Which brings us to today….right here and right now.

You see, the last five years have been a whirlwind—honestly—an incredible ride.

I’ve loved traveling the world… and helping regular guys completely transform their lives in just a few short days.

But as good as the money’s been… as rewarding as it’s been to give much-needed hope to literally thousands of men… the travel has gotten freakin’ tiring.

It’s worn on me.

And I know that with so many more guys out there who need this information— if I were to keep teaching this one room at a time— my life’s work would never be finished… and I’d probably collapse of exhaustion.

So I’ve spent the last 6 months organizing everything I’ve ever developed, refined, and taught—my entire methodology—into a streaming online video training course…

…which gives you the exact same experience and understanding you’d get attending one of my Uber-expensive in-person workshops…. but for a fraction of the price… and right from the comfort of your own home.

The Soul Mate Sequence

The ONLY MasterClass that shows you, step-by-step, how to create feelings of attraction… love… and obsession… right out of thin air… with just 3 simple types of questions!

And it’s going to blow your freakin’ mind.

Because it contains all the secret techniques, tips and tactics that I’ve discovered, developed, and compiled over the past 6+ years.

  • How To Make Any Woman Approach YOU… WITHOUT Having To Say A Single Word… So You Can Safely Run The Soulmate Sequence With Zero Risk Of Rejection
  • The Ultimate Secret To Captivating ANY Woman’s Attention… So You Can Install Feelings Of Attraction, Love And Obsession Directly Into Her Subconscious Mind
  • What You ABSOLUTELY Must Do In The First 3 Minutes To Steer Clear Of The Dreaded Friend-Zone… FOREVER (…Plus, the ONE secret question that instantly establishes you as a worthy sexual option she “just has to have.)
  • How To Frame The Entire Soulmate Seduction Process As An Innocent Little Game She’ll Be Begging To Play With You (She becomes so comfortable… and has so much fun with you… she never once suspect you’re ‘trying’ anything with her)
  • The >3 Types Of Accelerated Intimacy Questions And How To Use Each One… In The Correct Order… To Create Unstoppable Feelings Of Attraction, Love And Obsession (WARNING: Only Use All 3 On A Woman You REALLY Want To Be With)
  • The Secret “Social Hack” That Ensures You NEVER Run Out Of Things To Say With A Woman Ever Again (The conversation flows like fine wine… as each word effortlessly causes her to want you more and more.)
  • A Secret Technique For Telling When She’s Ready To Be Kissed… So You Can “Make Your Move” With ZERO Fear Of Rejection (There will be NO DOUBT in your mind that she wants it… as her lips start burning with desire.)
  • 7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Women By Pick Up Artists… That Are Keeping You Alone And Sexually Frustrated! (Once you stop falling for the hype, you’ll become infinitely more successful with women… overnight.)
  • The worst mistake you can ever make when going for that super-unattainable “Maxim Model” type of girl (Hint: Almost every guy I’ve ever met screws this up… and they have NO IDEA they’re doing it)
  • The Problem With Trying To Act Like An “Alpha Male” (And why being yourself is almost always the best solution…once you know the Soul Mate Sequence)
  • How to take her out on a first date for just pennies on the dollar (And how to make sure the date is more memorable – and enjoyable – than any she’s ever been on in her life)
  • The Truth About What REALLY Turns Women On...That WOMEN Themselves Do NOT Want You To Know! (It’s like playing poker… and being able to see the other person’s cards. Deadly effective)
  • A Secret Spot On A Woman’s Arm That When Brushed Lightly… Makes Her Uncontrollably Horny (This is SO innocent-looking and can be done anywhere… yet when you use it on a woman, you’ll have her ready to perform acts even “50 Shades Of Grey” would refuse to print.)
  • The ONLY Time You Should Ask For Her Number (And A Word For Word Script For How To Get It… Every… Single… Time.)
  • The Surest Way To Get Her Out Of Her Dress And Into Your Bed, Once She’s Back At Your Place (This just may be my most valuable technique. It cuts through “last minute resistance” like a hot knife through butter.)

And Much, Much More…

Since you’ve been paying attention you know that my Soul Mate Sequence makes the entire process of getting a woman to fall for you step-by-step easy.

From meeting her... to getting her number... to kissing her... to sex to the relationship – all of that… step-by-step easy.

Because when you apply the system I’ve developed – the ONLY seduction system based on Professor Arthur’s research into Mutual Self Disclosure…

You compress what takes most guys MONTHS to pull off…if they ever pull it off at all….

In just minutes.

Remember, making a woman obsess over you, commit to you, and fall in love with you isn’t just about “attraction.”

There are a million and one super attractive guys out there who never end up with a beautiful woman…

In just minutes.

Remember, making a woman obsess over you, commit to you, and fall in love with you isn’t just about “attraction.”

There are a million and one super attractive guys out there who never end up with a beautiful woman…


Because the secret code discovered by Dr. Arthur – the one that determines what girl ends up with what guys – is the little-known but super powerful phenomenon known as “mutual self disclosure”.

And the Soul Mate Sequence is the ONLY non-academic application of these powerful principles on the planet.

It’s the ONLY proven system that allows you to literally install feelings of LOVE… in ANY woman you want.

Use this stuff and she WILL be eating out of the palm of your hand.

Don’t be surprised when she starts texting you obsessively the way YOU probably text girls in the past…

Firing off 3…4…5 messages in a row, as she clings to her phone… desperately awaiting your response… in the hope that you’ll ask her to “come over.”

When you’re able to effortlessly trigger feelings of obsession in ANY woman you
meet… the roles change completely.

Instead of being played by women…

Instead of being confused at why things never turn out the way you want…

Instead of being worried that whatever woman you DO end up in a relationship with is going to leave you when a better option comes along…

Now… you’re the one in control.

Now… you’re more desirable than even the hottest smokeshow at the bar…

Because you have a quality that’s WAY more valuable (and rare) than even the most exceptional beauty.

You have the ability to create feelings of love… in ANY woman you desire…

ALL because you have the Soul Mate Sequence on your side.

The very first time you get access and login to the program, your confidence will surge as you see just how well these methods work.

Trust me when I say there is absolutely nothing else out there like the Soul Mate Sequence.


And I KNOW I could ask thousands for it.

That’s what I charged for my seminars – $3,000 to be exact – and guys showed up weekend after weekend.

For the results the Soul Mate Sequence delivers, it’s easily worth that much.

Hell, it’s worth 10 times that much.

Because really, when you think about it, there’s really nothing more important than knowing that you’ll never have to settle…

Nothing more important than knowing with 100% confidence and certainty that you WILL find a beautiful, high quality girl who will love you… fulfill your needs… and if you want them… give you beautiful children.

But obviously, I do have to put a price on this.

So what do YOU think a fair price would be?

The $3,000 the seminar attendees paid?

The $1,500 I charge for just an hour of one-on-one phone coaching?

The $697 my marketing manager is convinced I should charge?

All of these prices are fair – and have some real merit behind them.

But I don’t want to charge you anywhere NEAR those prices.

Because the whole reason I created this program… was to completely change the lives of as many men as possible.

Many men who need this system most just couldn’t afford to attend my live seminars…

And I didn’t want to price them out again.

So I made 100% sure I kept the price of the Soul Mate Sequence well within the budget of ANYONE serious about seizing full control of their love lives.


Even though I’m offering this program to you today at an absolute steal of a deal…

I’ve decided to price it at a very affordable $197…
for life-time access.

That’s around 50 cents a day… for just your first year in the program…

An absolute steal… especially when you consider I’m constantly tweaking my process…

And every improvement I come across…

Every upgrade I add to the program… you get… FREE… for the rest of your life.

That makes the small $197 membership fee I’m asking for a total no-brainer.

But… as incredible as it is…

When you claim access to the Soul Mate Sequence today…

You’re not even going to pay THAT low price.

Because if you are one of the first 1,000 men to take action and claim your membership today, you’re getting access to the program for the low introductory price of just $69.96

But only if you act now, and only if you are one of the first 1000.

So… click the order button below right now...


Because after the 1000th spot is filled, the program goes back to its regular price of $197.

So if you’ve ever heard the phrase “you snooze – you lose” well, that applies right now.

The “Perfect 10” Guarantee...

Here’s how it works.


Get access to the program, go through the videos, download the guides…

Allow me to share all of my secrets with you completely risk-free.

Because I’m giving you 60 full days to experience the Soul Mate Sequence for yourself…

To put it into action… and prove to yourself that it delivers on every promise I made to you today.

Because at the end of those 60 days…

You must have full-confidence that you can make ANY woman want you…

You must have experienced the power of being able to sleep with a hottie… within just minutes of meeting her…

And most importantly…

You must have gotten the type of woman you dream about—your “personal perfect 10”—to commit to you… to fall head over heels in love with you… to obsess over you to the point where she doesn’t even notice other guys.

All of that MUST be true for you…

After trying the Soul Mate Sequence for 60 days, risk-free…

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